League Details:  Summer Co-Ed Monday D3 Swiss

Dates: 04/29/19 - 07/08/19

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
7East Town Pub SSB
1100 1.001 4.90N/A
1Gat/Tenor SSB
920 0.822 5.00N/A
8Bat Intentions SSB
640 0.603 5.00N/A
5Sinners and Saints SSB
640 0.604 5.00N/A
9Wisefools SSB
550 0.505 5.00N/A
4Dinger Slingers SSB
460 0.406 5.00N/A
2Cropseys on State Loch SSB
370 0.307 5.00N/A
3Next Level Fitness 24-7 SSB
280 0.208 5.00N/A
6Team Gunderson SSB
0100 0.009 4.90N/A


League Schedule For:  Summer Co-Ed Monday D3 Swiss

DatetimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
05/06/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@Fort Howard ParkCropseys on State Loch SSB0East Town Pub SSB0
05/06/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkGat/Tenor SSB0Bat Intentions SSB0
05/06/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@Fort Howard ParkNext Level Fitness 24-7 SSB0Team Gunderson SSB0
05/06/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkDinger Slingers SSB0Sinners and Saints SSB0
05/06/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkWisefools SSB0Dinger Slingers SSB0
05/13/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkSinners and Saints SSB17Next Level Fitness 24-7 SSB10
05/13/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkTeam Gunderson SSB2Cropseys on State Loch SSB7
05/13/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkEast Town Pub SSB27Gat/Tenor SSB13
05/13/20199:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkBat Intentions SSB13Wisefools SSB11
05/20/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkCropseys on State Loch SSB1Wisefools SSB5
05/20/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkNext Level Fitness 24-7 SSB8Bat Intentions SSB15
05/20/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkDinger Slingers SSB5East Town Pub SSB9
05/20/20199:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkSinners and Saints SSB18Team Gunderson SSB6
06/03/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkTeam Gunderson SSB8Dinger Slingers SSB11
06/03/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkEast Town Pub SSB19Next Level Fitness 24-7 SSB1
06/03/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkBat Intentions SSB23Cropseys on State Loch SSB3
06/03/20199:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkWisefools SSB7Gat/Tenor SSB12
06/10/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkNext Level Fitness 24-7 SSB7Gat/Tenor SSB19
06/10/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkDinger Slingers SSBFWisefools SSB-
06/10/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkSinners and Saints SSB8Bat Intentions SSB17
06/10/20199:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkTeam Gunderson SSB3East Town Pub SSB8
06/17/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkEast Town Pub SSB21Sinners and Saints SSB12
06/17/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkBat Intentions SSB3Dinger Slingers SSB9
06/17/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkWisefools SSB15Next Level Fitness 24-7 SSB7
06/17/20199:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkGat/Tenor SSB17Cropseys on State Loch SSB3
07/01/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkBat Intentions SSB9Team Gunderson SSB3
07/01/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkWisefools SSB7Sinners and Saints SSB8
07/01/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkGat/Tenor SSB10Dinger Slingers SSB9
07/01/20199:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkCropseys on State Loch SSB13Next Level Fitness 24-7 SSB11
07/08/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkWisefools SSB5East Town Pub SSB13
07/08/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkGat/Tenor SSB11Team Gunderson SSB3
07/08/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkCropseys on State Loch SSB5Sinners and Saints SSB16
07/08/20199:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkNext Level Fitness 24-7 SSB8Dinger Slingers SSB17
07/15/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkGat/Tenor SSB10Bat Intentions SSB6
07/15/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkCropseys on State Loch SSB9East Town Pub SSB23
07/15/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkNext Level Fitness 24-7 SSB14Team Gunderson SSB2
07/15/20199:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkDinger Slingers SSB9Sinners and Saints SSB12
07/22/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkDinger Slingers SSB10Cropseys on State Loch SSB3
07/22/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkSinners and Saints SSB2Gat/Tenor SSB17
07/22/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkTeam Gunderson SSB4Wisefools SSB9
07/22/20199:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkEast Town Pub SSB17Bat Intentions SSB2
07/29/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@Fort Howard ParkGat/Tenor SSB16Cropseys on State Loch SSB3
07/29/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkNext Level Fitness 24-7 SSB16Team Gunderson SSB5
07/29/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@Fort Howard ParkBat Intentions SSB12Dinger Slingers SSB8
07/29/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkEast Town Pub SSB18Next Level Fitness 24-7 SSB12
07/29/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkSinners and Saints SSB5Wisefools SSB12
08/12/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkSinners and Saints SSB7Dinger Slingers SSB1
08/12/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkEast Town Pub SSB21Wisefools SSB5
08/12/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkGat/Tenor SSB18Bat Intentions SSB8
08/12/20199:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkCropseys on State Loch SSB-Team Gunderson SSBF
08/19/20196:15PBeaver Dam Softbll 2@Beaver Dam ParkBat Intentions SSB0Wisefools SSB0
08/19/20197:15PBeaver Dam Softbll 2@Beaver Dam ParkEast Town Pub SSB17Gat/Tenor SSB2
08/19/20198:15PBeaver Dam Softbll 2@Beaver Dam ParkSinners and Saints SSB0Next Level Fitness 24-7 SSB0
08/19/20199:15PBeaver Dam Softbll 2@Beaver Dam ParkCropseys on State Loch SSB0Team Gunderson SSB0
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