League Details:  Summer Co-Ed Wednesday D1 Provolone

Dates: 05/01/19 - 07/24/19

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
4BB's Bar SSB
930 0.751 5.00N/A
3I'm Walking Here
840 0.672 4.83N/A
1HJ Martin and Sons SSB
750 0.583 4.75N/A
5Red Lantern SSB
660 0.504 4.91N/A
2Carrington Nursing Home SSB
0120 0.005 4.91N/A


League Schedule For:  Summer Co-Ed Wednesday D1 Provolone

DatetimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
05/15/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkRed Lantern SSB12I'm Walking Here7
05/15/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkHJ Martin and Sons SSB10Carrington Nursing Home SSB8
05/22/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkCarrington Nursing Home SSB8Red Lantern SSB21
05/22/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkI'm Walking Here11BB's Bar SSB7
05/29/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkBB's Bar SSB10Carrington Nursing Home SSB9
05/29/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkRed Lantern SSB3HJ Martin and Sons SSB5
06/05/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkI'm Walking Here7Carrington Nursing Home SSB6
06/05/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkBB's Bar SSB5HJ Martin and Sons SSB9
06/19/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkCarrington Nursing Home SSB6HJ Martin and Sons SSB9
06/19/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkI'm Walking Here4Red Lantern SSB6
06/19/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkI'm Walking Here7BB's Bar SSB10
06/26/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkHJ Martin and Sons SSB2Red Lantern SSB6
06/26/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkCarrington Nursing Home SSB4BB's Bar SSB9
06/26/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkCarrington Nursing Home SSB4I'm Walking Here13
07/10/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkI'm Walking Here8HJ Martin and Sons SSB16
07/10/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkRed Lantern SSB5Carrington Nursing Home SSB4
07/10/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkBB's Bar SSB8Red Lantern SSB7
07/17/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkRed Lantern SSB11I'm Walking Here14
07/17/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkHJ Martin and Sons SSB12Carrington Nursing Home SSB11
07/17/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkHJ Martin and Sons SSB4BB's Bar SSB18
07/24/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkBB's Bar SSB3Carrington Nursing Home SSB2
07/24/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkBB's Bar SSB6I'm Walking Here12
07/24/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkRed Lantern SSB8HJ Martin and Sons SSB13
07/31/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkHJ Martin and Sons SSB9I'm Walking Here10
07/31/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkHJ Martin and Sons SSB8BB's Bar SSB15
07/31/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkBB's Bar SSB10Red Lantern SSB9
08/14/20196:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkRed Lantern SSB5BB's Bar SSB16
08/14/20197:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkCarrington Nursing Home SSB3Red Lantern SSB14
08/14/20198:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkCarrington Nursing Home SSB3I'm Walking Here14
08/14/20199:15PSoftball Diamond@McAuliffe ParkI'm Walking Here16HJ Martin and Sons SSB0
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